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Scenic - Megan Deadly Defect...a Time Bomb

Scenics have Deadly Defect is like a Time Bomb clicking under your car, Keep your family safe    Be Ware!!

Short and sweet:

The steering wheel turn all the way to the left against a storm drain in a down hill and the motor off, meaning automatic hand brake engage, the wheels are under a huge pressure, put card press start, sounds click, click. Dashboard shows Steering Locked; Bull, I could move the wheels no problem, but the steering lock is sending the wrong info to the CPU that the steering is Lock.

This time I was alone imagine next time with all my family or any ones family.

This guy that have 5 Scenics, I bet you none of them was older than 12 years  and drive the  Scenic for  another 2 years till it broke the steering, sure I believe in metal fatigue but if it can happen why Renault did not make some kind of override switch so you and your family could be on the way if it happens. I'm in Africa did you know how dangerous is getting stuck anywhere in a road in Africa? You are lucky if there is any cell signal.

Renault must make a plan!

 Discussion at the Renault Forums

The idea of a forum Is for people around the word to come with a solution for the common people that cannot afford take the Scenics to Renault dealers, glad you people can afford it,  South Africa is very expensive, the independent Mechanic that have my Senic have 30 French cars waiting for spares from Renault France, I'm one of them.

 Brakes failing to engines going bang.., I drive or 300kms in the highway and into town without brakes using he gears and hand brake after vacuum pump broke, engines give you a warning before going bang, the steering lock it does not.

The Scenic is a family car, people use them for long trips, where may be there is no cell signal, getting a blow up steering wheel end up all the way to one side against a rock, electronic hand brake on, once the driver try to start the Scenic the steering lock will break.

They survive the blow up in the middle o nowhere now they could be rob, rape or kill because of a steering lock sending the wrong info to the CPU.

O I'm sorry you people did not know how dangerous is that problem? It happen to few in the UK go to to read about it.

If is for you Toyota should not recall the models that people die because of the accelerator got suck it did not happen often enough. Remember "One life to many".

Glad you people take it as a Joke, the blood of the next family won’t be on my hands, I try to advise the people the worst case scenario, take it don’t take it, is not a matter  of  “if” is a matter of when and where!.

 Please I think very well what I post to try to save lives, Do you?

Everything I post I have it on word to put in another blogs around the world, so please read it and delete it"chuffer690" the blood of that families kill because they got stuck with the old Scenic will be in your hands as you delete all my good advice and how to deal with the old Scenics so no one will get hurt; People spread the word don't do like this "wimp" "chuffer690" and this will go in my other blogs to show how selfish people like"chuffer690" from Renault Forums can be; The most people I can show them that Scenics are nice but weak, the chain is a strong as it weakest link and the Scenic steering lock is not just week but deadly.

 Don't get me start it with Renault, they knew this could happen but there is not warning in the manual or indications how not to leave the steering wheel before stop the car.

 That is malpractice if the company knew a part can fail and did not disclose it they are breaking the law and can be sue and I will send all the details to Interpol as Scenics are all over the world and anytime one will be responsible for the deaths of a family.
Response to Renault France Team:

And the only thing Renault France Team is we are Sorry?

What Renault France Team is waiting to happen because it will happen is not a matter of if is a matter of when and the life's of that family will be in your hands; Remember the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster all because the management did not want to waste time and lose millions if the Challenger was not in space on time they did not listen to Roger Mark Boisjoly an American mechanical engineer, fluid dynamics that predicted the O rings where defective, the astronauts they did not have to die because of the red tape.

Like now I almost die while waiting for 3 hours in the border of one of the most busy highways in South Africa, all because Renault France Team did not check the deadly mistake selling cars with electronic steering lock that can fail because of the automatic hand brake engage with the steering in a bad position and you can't release the brake without the car running and the car will never start because your steering lock is telling the on board computer that is lock and don't start the vehicle, while everything is fine.

You people have no shame, all the Renault vehicles with a automatic hand brake should have a override switch so if anything that happen to me, the family can activated and get home safe, then when they got the money and the time they will send the vehicle to put a new steering lock that cost 560Euros.

So please don't be sorry that is like crocodile tears.......

Make something happen, the override switch must be a reality soon, I will never stop telling everyone in Europe what happen to me and that they stop buying Renault vehicles till they are safe real safe!

See what happen when you buy a use Scenic and no matter what happen you don’t want to sale it back:

In the 15 / 01/2015 we buy the scenic, from the almost 2 years I had the Scenic it been at the mechanics almost 8 months.

The know Kms are unknown because in 2010 Renault recall all dashboards so every scenic before 2010 has been reset the km to 0000000 so I never knew how old the Scenic is so don’t trust the Kms in any Scenic before 2010.

Already the Scenic after we got it was eating 2.5liter of oil every 600kms, the electronic message “check oil level” save the motor, happen just a week later after we took position from the buyer Adam Ford from the program in Ignition Buyer’s Guide, (thank you for your honesty, Not! He knew everything that was wrong with the Scenic!.

We went with my family 3 adults 2 babies 1200km return to Durban twice the second time was smoking so much coming back and no power it was a shame. I would like to tell the story of the Scenic as a biblical story.

Imagine one of the Kings of Egypt (Me) got an Scenic form one of the aliens visitors but that enrage god as this will change the story of the world so God (bringer of all the malfunctions) want it gone, so it send Someone call Moses (as the voice of my friends) to talk to the king to give up the Scenic, me the King dismiss him and then while going to Durban “600kms” for the second time at 300kms the vacuum pump that run the turbo and the brakes stop working so I have to drive the Scenic for 300kms with no real brakes strait to the best French mechanic in Durban that stop doing his job for help me to be on the road ASAP (U$200) and again Moses ask the king to give up the Scenic but for the king fix the Scenic was easy so he say no then the smoke and oil consumption got so bad that was smoking more than Thomas the Tank engine (no joking)people was telling me your car is on fire, I done 600 kms with the car like that;  Then we send the Scenic to redone the motor, we give the Scenic to the mechanic on the 7 or 10 of January 2016 and we got it back on middle of May (5 months and U$2250 later for rebuild a motor). The motor if you know diesels need to losing up before showing the power. Again Moses come to the King and told him give up the Scenic don’t take chances and again the king told him now with the motor new why I was going to sale it and dismiss mosses, not before say I will strike your Scenic again, 2 weeks later the turbo was leaking so much oil I have to call the AA to take it 60km as start losing 3liters of oil in less than 60km. U$1200 later a new turbo was in the Scenic with the EGR eliminated and pipes blank it, I could feel more power and driving nice I was happy but it did not last Moses came back and say give up the car, why I should now this care is brand new inside what else can brake don’t be ridiculous and Moses been dismiss again. A week later took the Scenic with all the family to Durban (600km) to show them I fix it properly but god strike again the manifold got loose took a piece of the blank pipe not been close properly the Scenic was making more noise than a 747 on the run way ready to fly, this happen in my way out of Durban loaded with all my family in the Scenic, this great mechanic again  come to the rescue and weld the system for ever (U$200), we went to Durban for a weekend but because of that manifold we stay for a week. Back in JHb Moses approach for the last time with blood in the hands told the king give up the scenic now or not just you, your family, and families around the world will suffer been stuck in the middle of nowhere with the scenic in good condition to drive but it won’t start leaving the families strand it, hoping no one will try to rob them or rape them while waiting for some help, if they survive they will be traumatize for life and all because Renault refuse to address the problem and attach an override switch that will let the driver start the car no matter the steering lock says to the CPU don’t start the car. The king did not believe Moses one word so he kick him out. Few days later going to fetch a computer box for a Nissan SGLI of a friend’s car that got flood it, at this Muslim shop of used spares, I did see the car guard around the Scenic but I did not care, later my back tyre loose all the air indicating the car guard put a nail under my tyre causing me to drove for a few kms on the rims at 120km/h till the emergency stop where the front tyre was against at the storm drain and block by the automatic hand brake activated once I switch of the car, the rest is history I did agree to let go the Scenic as that fault in the steering lock could leave all my family strand it, and will cost me every time (U$700), I’m very strong I will survive not matter what just like I did because of the Scenic              3 hours stuck on one of the most  busies highways in South Africa waiting for the flat bed truck, drove 300km without real breaks, drive so many times a superbike over 250km/h, got shot in the shoulder after an attempted hijacking (I still got the bullet a 38) that bounce in my collar bone find it in my T shirt, My family will never survive been stuck in the middle of South Africa as well other families . That’s why I wrote this entire story about what happen to me and could happen to anyone driving a Scenic these days. Take care out there!!!                                       Please stay away from any Scenic till Renault recall all Scenic’s to install the override switch for the steering lock!!

I'm not exaggerating read what happen to me and to another in the UK and then you will be looking at your Renault Scenic and Megan models in a different way. The story goes about me good friend going from Kempton Park to Randfontein (75km) looking for a computer box for a Nissan Sentra Sgli for my friend in Durban(600km away) after his car got wash away, his got destroy and people are asking U$285 when the real price is U$ 71.

After I arrive to this place in Randfontein they told me to wait 15min in 10 someone come and say the computer box was gone;

I just turn around and left when I see I some people around the scenic, may be not many scenic around here; Then left 2km before Marlboro off ramp               

I’m coming on the N3 south at 120km/h without knowing a puncture is busy deflating my back tyre, in a moment I hear so much noise on the side of the Scenic sound like the manifold exhaust got loose, then I make an emergency stop, end up with the left tyre pushing against the wall of the drain of the highway; Without thinking twice I switch off the motor and you know in the Scenic as soon you stop the motor the hand brake comes on so I left the scenic with the front when pushing against the side wall and the hand break holding the wheel under pressure almost like a vase grip, no strange later the steering got damage, then  jump to see what happen, the back tyre on the left got destroy, I  was running on the rims, I did not overturn that Scenic because god is everywhere; Change the tyre in 15min, then was time to go, put the card inside press start and for my surprise I hear some click noise inside the dashboard and then the message “Steering Locked “ I move the steering without problem but I keep on getting that message, the car is perfect the steering is not locked, all the electronic works but because of the bloody link in between the steering lock and the CPU of the scenic it made believe to the CPU that the wheels are locked and the CPU don’t allowed the motor to start. I wait 3hours in the border of one of the busiest highways in South Africa waiting for the AA in middle afternoon approaching peak hour.There are so many brilliant people in Renault how no  one think that how much more dangerous is for the occupants of any car with that stupid 

"steering lock"? be stranded in the middle of nowhere in South Africa , not Europe, than let the driver flip a switch that will override the link in between the CPU and the steering lock allowing the family to reach their destination?;

Imagine if it was my wife driving to a shopping in the other side of town with my baby off 4 months and my Boy of 4 years, halfway there she stops the Scenic for my biggest son to wee  without noticing she stops the motor without noticing the left the tyre is pushing against the paving then she try to start and get the message ‘Steering Locked’ and the Scenic won’t start, both children start crying and the place she stop have no street lights and in a dangerous place all SOWETO where criminals could take advantage of white stranded women, many times happen before women alone on the road became molest it and rape and their children kid nap and only return after pay a huge ransom. If that ever happen to my family the designer of that stupid sterring lock shoulg go into hiding because if I find him he will pay for putting so many precious lifes at risk every day all over the world; I don't blame the criminals, it will be the same  to blame a shark to try to bite someone in his territory that Scenic, Megan u other Renault vehicle with that sterring lock should not be stuck on the road  when it fails it should be equipped with a fail safe switch so if the stering is free, not lock like it happen to me I could start the Scenic and get home safe and not be in the border of the high way for 3 hours risking my life in many ways, kind of I born again that's why I write this Blog I don't expect other people be as lucky like me.

This worst case scenario could happen any time to your mother,wife. girlfriend sister as all Megan’s & Scenic’s o other Renault vehicles no matter the year have that as Renault call it safety feature. Safety feature my ass, people driving Scenic’s& Megan’s  in South Africa are sitting Ducks on a time bomb because is not a matter or if is going to happen is a matter of when is going to happen.                                           First Renault must send an advice to all Renault car owners, Suv’s, Mpv’s that have that stupid electronic steering lock that must be sure the wheels are not stuck to anything before switching off the motor. Then and more important the brilliant people that design that electronic lock must come up with an override switch that will make the CPU think the steering is unlock properly & all is fine and will let the motor start, don’t need to cause panic but give the instructions to all Renault dealers in South Africa every time a car come for any service they must offer the installation of the override switch and explain why.

Like in my case the car was perfect ready to go, I could move the steering side to side but I was stuck next to the highway, anything could happen to me the trucks where passing so close; I went to Renault SA and they say the Steering lock will cost 555Euros, so after I survive a glitch from Renault I have to pay a fortune for an idiotic steering lock or the car won’t start and that’s not fair, many people don’t have that kind of money available in South Africa that’s why the override switch will let the driver keep using the car to go to work and as soon it save the money he will put a new steering lock; Renault can put the yellow triangle of service blinking all the time and a warning you are riding at your own risk, please replace ASAP the steering lock after the override is activated. As I say before there was not warning in the manual about the steering lock not letting the motor to start and that you have to be so careful of be sure the front wheels are not stuck. I believe Renault owes me and other people that suffer like me because a steering failure; The steering lock should be  blank so it can be program to the CPU of my scenic and I would like to have updates of how long is going to take for the override for the steering lock will be available in South Africa.

Kind Regards:

Diego Singer
I send the mail to these people of Renault a week ago and they never respond that show how much Renault cares about their customers!


 PS: other examples of Renault Steering lock failure:

See below how dangerous are the Renault without the bi pass switch for the steering lock!!!

Re: Renault - Scenic II - Steering Lock Problems

Hi Guys,

This has happened to me three times this year so far. The last one being last night!!

Twice my car has failed to start and the steering wheel had locked. Last night this actually happened when the car was moving, luckily I had just come off the motorway and was on a dual carriageway. Suddenly the wheel locked and the engine died, as I attempted to pull over to the side (difficult without any steering) I was shaking at the wheel, within a couple of seconds the wheel freed itself and the engine started up again. Very un-nerving especially as I had the kids in the back!

Only had the Scenic (05 plate) three years and already had issues with the dash two years ago, then there was a recall last year, now this!!

car is now out of warranty but is there anything help I can get from Renault CS considering its a known fault (having read this thread and seen others with the same issue)???




My 1.9 dCi Scenic 2 has had this fault twice before - had to go back to the dealership each time.

The dealer advised that I tweak the
steering as you press the start button so the steering lock comes off cleanly.

If it doesn't, the steering lock disengages anyway but the electronics don't realise. So the steering lock is off but the
engine management system think it's still on.

So it'll not start the engine.

If you lock the
car up it tells you the steering lock isn't on. So you try again. Again the dash tells you the steering lock is on (which it isn't) so refuses to start the engine.

Can I reset something so as to avoid the cost of a tow to the dealer, 2-day delay while the dealer gets time to look at my car, charging me lots into the bargain?

It happenend again tonight.


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Grand Scenic 1.9 dCi


Once....twice...3 times a steering column

Hi all, relatively new to this but I want to join the steering lock problem gang! My 04 Scenic is now on its 3rd column and today whilst at work I get a call from the wife to say that the car is being towed home!!!!

Not one to doubt the Mrs (me thinking its her again and I will jump in when
home and it will start first time), I did just that and the smart ¤¤¤¤ computer told me that the steering lock was disingauged but wouldnt start. All I got was a 'service' message and nothing else.

This is
amazing that this is the 3rd time this part has had to be changed - fortunately I took an extended warranty so I am covered for the next couple of years...but come on Renault! charging people £330 quid for a known fault is crazy. I used to hate my Galaxy but now thinking the analog way of starting a car (specially one aimed at people with small people) is best.

Im about to get my 3rd steering column - do I get a badge?


Hi I have had to have a new steering lock and also paid £330 for privilege. Agree with you that Renault is taking the p*** for what they know is a problem and cannot believe my dilemma is over. The tow man advised me to get rid and go to Honda. He says they are NEVER called out to a Honda. Down with Renault I say


Re: Scenic 2 Steering lock / immobiliser fault

I had the same problem with my Scenic II, 53 plate 1.9dci, cost me £475 to replace the steering lock excluding the tow which fortunatley I had breakdown cover for. Complained to Renault Customer services today, who informed me I should have raised it with them before authorising the repair, as they can't provide a refund after the event, and in any case, they claimed to have no record of this issue being a commom fault, interested to know how many other people have had similar experiences.                                                                                    Currently in petersetter's garage:
Scenic II 2003 1.9 Dci


Renault - Scenic II - Steering Lock Problems

Hi all,

I have a 2004 Grand Scenic. Since November last year I have had problems starting the
car. After inserting the card and pressing start I get a message saying 'steering lock activated'. It is impossible to start the car. After much wiggling of the steering wheel we are able to start the car.

car on 2 occasions has been towed into the dealers. On the second occasion we were told that the steering lock had been changed but the problem is still there. It has now been back and forth to the dealers 6 times who cannot find a problem.

The fault happens everyday yet after a combined 4 weeks at the
dealers they cannot find anything!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone had similar issues and if so what was the outcome.


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Yup, as has been said it is a pretty common fault and the dealers DO KNOW about it. Don't let them fob you off.

I've a work mate who has a 2004 1.6 Grande Scenic. He's on his 3rd steering lock already and this one is acting up again ! Apparently the garage only reset something this time ( ??? ) and it's behaving itself again.
His wife is the main driver and he too is concerned as the car has left her stranded twice already.

Touch wood, I've not yet had any probs with the steering lock ..... or much else to be honest.


Re: Renault - Scenic II - Steering Lock Problems

Hi guys, after reading about all your problems youve had with the scenic 11's i thought id leave a little message telling you all about the same kinda thing that happened to steering lock also jarred and same as you lot couldnt start the engine...however it happened to me after a minor accident of me dropping the car down into a concrete ditch......rac came to my rescue and pulled me out of the ditch and only then did we realise the car wouldnt start, i was then towed to a renault garage and i contacted the insurance to make a claim for my accident.... my insurance however refused to pay out claiming that the car needed a new steering column and claiming it was a 'COMMON FAULT'that ran coincidential to the minor accident. i then contacted renault myself who said it is NOT a common fault and also aggreed to give me this in writing to provide to my insurers. not only did renault give me the information i needed to take my insurers to court and win my case they also paid 50/50 with me to fix my car... it ended up costing me only 253 instead of 506. i understand people on this forum have had problems with renault however for me they were fantastic!! i just wanted to say how fantastic they are for helping me through this battle with my insurance and also paying half the bill!! they have made me and my children very happy as without their help we would of missed out on a holiday that we had previously booked and thought we couldnt make it as had no car!!! also our routinely weekend holidays at our caravan go ahead as usual!...anyway thanks for listening and i hope you all get your problems solved as i did.